Embark on a captivating 19-day journey through Namibia's diverse landscapes, where rugged elegance meets ancient history. Your adventure begins in Windhoek, Namibia's capital, offering a choice between standard and luxury accommodations.

DAY 1: Welcome to Windhoek

Kickstart your journey with a stay at the Elegant Guesthouse, steeped in Klein Windhoek's charm, or opt for The Weinberg Windhoek for a luxurious escape.

Day 2&3: Kalahari Exploration

Leaving Windhoek, your path leads to the Kalahari Desert, a place teeming with life adapted to its arid environment. For standard lodging, Kalahari Anib Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia is your haven, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Kalahari's essence. Explore rust-red dunes and observe the famed Kalahari lions. If you're indulging in luxury, Intu Afrika Kalahari Game Reserve awaits, offering a mesmerizing private reserve experience amid the desert's wonders.

Day 3&4: Fish River Canyon Adventure

Journey to the awe-inspiring Fish River Canyon, a geological marvel with a history as rich as its vistas. The Standard experience takes comfort at Canyon Roadhouse Gondwana Collection Namibia, offering a unique lodging experience. Those embracing luxury are beckoned by Canyon Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia, which combines comfort with natural beauty.

Day 4-6: Luderitz and Coastal Charms

Your adventure continues to Luderitz, where history intertwines with coastal beauty. For both standard and luxury tours, Alte Villa offers a comfortable retreat. Immerse yourself in local activities, from fishing to windsurfing, and enjoy sea or garden views, a fireplace, and fresh seafood at the on-site restaurant.

Days 6-10: Diverse Adventures

As your journey unfolds, unique experiences await each tour. For the Luxury option, days 6&7 lead you to the enchanting Sesriem, gateway to the Sossusvlei dunes. Indulge in Sesriem Dead Valley Lodge's comfort as you explore towering dunes and the ethereal Deadvlei clay pan. On day 8, venture to Swakopmund, the coastal activity hub, where the luxurious Strand Hotel awaits, offering town views and beachside serenity. Days 9-10 take you to Twyfelfontein Camp Kipwe, a hidden gem among rugged landscapes, blending natural beauty with cultural heritage.

For the Standard itinerary, days 6&7 are devoted to exploring the Namib Desert. Find comfort at Namib Kronenhof Lodge, surrounded by captivating rocky plains and inspired landscapes. As your journey continues to day 8, Swakopmund invites you with its diverse culture and heritage. Choose the Swakopmund Luxury Suites as your sanctuary, enjoying town views and easy beach access. Days 9&10 lead you to Sesriem Desert Quiver Camp, an oasis of comfort nestled amid inspiring granite outcrops and stunning vistas.

Day 11: Twyfelfontein's Cultural Beauty

In the luxury tour, your arrival at Twyfelfontein Camp Kipwe is nothing short of spectacular. Nestled amid Namibia's harsh environment, Twyfelfontein Camp Kipwe's distinctive round cottages and natural stone structure blend seamlessly with the breathtaking surroundings. The camp serves as a gateway to Twyfelfontein's historic rock carvings, a UNESCO World Heritage site offering a beautiful combination of natural wonder and cultural discovery.

In the standard tour, your accommodation is at Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp.

Days 11&12: Exploring Opuwo

Explore Opuwo and its surroundings, where both standard and luxury tours find comfort at Opuwo Country Lodge. Rich experiences await, from hiking to cultural immersion.

Day 12-14: Palmwag and Epupa Falls

For the Standard itinerary, Palmwag Lodge is your gateway to nature's wonders, while Luxury takes you to the Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp for a breathtaking rendezvous with Epupa Falls.

Day 14&15: Unforgettable Nights

The Standard self-drive unveils Opuwo Country Lodge's panoramic view, while Luxury graces you with Etosha West's Oberland Lodge.

Days 15-19: The Grand Finale

Your journey's final days present distinct paths. Standard travellers venture to Hobatere Lodge in Etosha West and culminate at Erindi Game Reserve's Old Traders Lodge. Luxury seekers find sanctuary at the Etosha Oberland Lodge before returning to Erindi's embrace.
Your guided Africa Safari expedition through Namibia's enchanting landscapes comes to an end, leaving you with memories of diverse wonders and unforgettable experiences.