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Desert Tracks Reviews

What a lovely adventures experience to drive with Jean through the dunes and over those dunes on the way to Sandwich harbor. Going down the back of the dunes at an angel that makes the sand move in front of the vehicle is a scary experience, but not once did I feel uncomfortable with Jean behind the wheel.

- Kobus Visser

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Diana and I enjoyed an amazing tour of Sandwich Harbour with Jaun. We can't believe this tour doesn't get the publicity it deserves. I can't recommend the tour enough.

- Andy Tunley

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We spent a day with Jaun across the incredible dunes of lower Skeleton Coast: it has been fantastic! We decided where to stop and for how long talking to him and telling him our wishes and expectations about the day. He gave us great suggestions and took us in the right places to have the perfect views we were looking for. We were so busy taking pictures that we had our lunch at 4pm ( a very good lunch on top of that )

- Linda O

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We booked a full day excursion with Jaun Husselmann / Desert Tracks into Sandwich Harbour and fully appreciated this tour. Jaun turned out to be just the right mate for a day trip like this, a very friendly guy and a knowledgable desert guide. We enjoyed it very much and with our fond memories in mind we would recommend this tour in every aspect. Thank you Jaun for an unforgettable day.

- Wolfgang

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We booked for a full day with Jaun and that was an unforgettable day! We learn a lot about this place, desert, sea, and lots of other things. We made some nice pictures and had a very nice moment with Jaun ( he his a very nice person and also very interesting ! )

- Yoan

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It was a wonderful experience to see that incredible landscape with its dunes and the sea! Jaun really was the best guide we've ever met!!! We enjoyed these days more than everything else of our Namibia trip. So you should definitely book a tour!!!
It wasn't just that we learned nearly everything about the region and the people, but we also absolutely loved the family atmosphere!
We met friends that we really can't forget!!! <3 <3

- Nadi & Katrin


We booked a tour to Sandwich Harbour with Desert Tracks after doing some research, and reading the positive reviews on TripAdvisor.
Needless to say, the scenery along this stretch of the Namibia coast is spectacular; wild, raw & forbidding.
There are so many things that are worth stopping for, that our progress was a bit slow. We could not make it all the way to Sandwich Harbour, as the tide had come in too high already. Completely our fault.
Jaun and his colleague Jacques were very flexible, and we were glad that they would stop whenever we wanted to, and didn't just push to reach the destination.
It was about experiencing the journey. A bit surprisingly to us adults, the 4 adolescents in our group raved about the trip, especially climbing the dunes.
Driving down the steep faces of the dunes is exciting, but at no time did we feel unsafe, or in the hands of a cowboy.
'Conquering' Dune 7 on the way back to Swakopmund was a tough, but rewarding finale to the day.
Be sure to let Jaun know if you really want to make it to Sandwich Harbour, so that the departure times and stops along the way are planned to take the tides into consideration

- Desert Tracks client


Wir hatten eine individuelle Tour mit Desert Tracks gebucht. Pünktlich holte uns Andre früh am Morgen im Guesthouse ab. Der Weg nach Walvisbay war kurzweilig, dank der ausführlichen Informationen zur bevorstehenden Tour. Das Wetter spielte leider nicht so ganz mit, wie gehofft. Der Nebel hing über Walvisbay und der angrenzenden Wüste. Die Fahrt entland der Langen Wand war dennoch sehr eindrucksvoll. Andre ging auf alle Wünsche ein und wir machten viele Stops. Dabei wurde nie auf die Uhr geschaut, ein bisschen mussten wir aber dennoch die Gezeiten im AUge behalten. Am Sandwich Harbour waren wir alleine und genossen die einzigartige Landschaft. Der Snack in der Wüste war ein willkommender Snack und sehr lecker! Die Tour, die Dünen rauf und runter, gefiel besonders unserem Sohn. Klasse! Wir haben die Tour sehr genossen! Ein großes Lob und einen Dank an Andre! Guter Job :-) Desert Tracks können wir nur empfehlen!

- Joerg


Cette excursion à Sandwich Harbour restera comme l'une de nos plus belles en Afrique Australe. Le lieu est magnifique, et la "route" à travers les dunes est comme dans un rêve. Jean a été super, nous avons eu de supers conversations, c'est un super conducteur. Sa femme avait prévu des petits plats en bas des dunes. Vraiment une super expérience. Je recommande fortement

- Julien P


Una giornata intera sulle dune in 4x4. Grazie Jaun per aver reso questa giornata indimenticabile e per le foto che abbiamo potuto scattare!!!

- Andrea G