Full Day Living Desert & Sandwich Harbour Combo

The Desert tour offers an extraordinary exploration of the coastal dune belt outside Swakopmund. We are passionate to share our knowledge with you on each desert animal and plant, including emphasis on special adaptations and perfect design used for survival in the desert. Adventurous Dune belt driving and incredible breathtaking views of Sandwich Harbour. An unforgettable experience.

Snakes, stinks, chameleons, Lizards, Geckos, rolling spiders, the famous fog-basking tokkie beatle,a variety of beetles and insects as well as scorpions are some of the creatures that we try to share with you .
There will be lots of opportunities for photos along the way.

After discovering the ample life of the desert we will drive to Sandwich Harbour which is about 50 km south of Walvis bay where the Namib Desert meets the ocean. Enjoy the afternoon filled with adventure and exploring the beautiful sites of Sandwich Harbour. Scrumptious snacks and beverages for your enjoyment will be provided.
Where else can you walk alone along a pelican-covered beach while pink flamingos glide above the sand dunes?
Enjoy a little bit of Dune belt driving with the chance to spot Ostrich, Spring buck and Jackal. End this day with a story to tell and memories to take back home.