Morning Living Desert Tour

The Desert tour offers an extraordinary exploration of the coastal dune belt outside Swakopmund.
There will be lots of opportunities for photos along the way. To the untrained eye, the desert is just lots and lots of sand however with our experienced guides we strive to share the living adventures of the desert.

We stop often to look for animal tracks on the dunes, in order for us to try and catch some of the animals to show you. Each time we take special care to ensure the animals are returned safely to their homes. We are passionate to share our knowledge with you on each desert animal and plant including emphasis on special adaptations and perfect design used for survival in the desert.

Snakes, skinks, chameleons, lizards, geckos, rolling spiders, the famous fog-basking tokkie beetle, a variety of beetles and insects as well as scorpions are some of the creatures that we try to share with you.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see one of the only endemic bird species in the Namib Desert, the dune lark.