Private Marine Cruise

Ideal for private events, incentives, special occasions and groups up to 30 people. An enjoyable, scenic and informative cruise being accompanied by Dolphins, Seals, Flamingos, Pelicans and more.
Indulge in fresh oysters, champagne and snacks served on board the Dream Chaser accompanied with our experienced skipper and crew. On board entertainment includes our friendly seals and cheeky Pelicans joining the crowd for hand fed fish. A guaranteed unforgettable excursion for all ages.

A truly unforgettable experience on the calm waters of the Walvis Bay Lagoon. Dolphins playing and leaping alongside the boat, seals and Pelicans coming on board to say Hi and being treated to fish, fed by hand.

Fresh oysters and cold champagne served as well as scrumptious snacks.

This tour is very popular, giving an opportunity to visit an area that one could not otherwise have access to.

An abundant bird life for the bird lover, apart from seeing many flamingos, cormorants, and pelicans, there are common sightings of the White Chinned Petrel, Wilson's Storm Petrel, Cape Gannet, Black Oystercatcher and even the Jackass Penguin.

Boats depart from Walvis Bay Jetty at 08H30 and head out cutting across the lagoon to moored Russian trawlers where inquisitive seals will swim up to the boats for something to eat. From there we heading on towards Pelican Point where one can observe a large seal colony. Dolphins sighted are the Heavyside and Bottlenose.