Ready to dive into an extraordinary 11-day Africa self-drive safari? Buckle up, as we narrate your journey through Namibia's wonders, from Windhoek's urban charm to the wild heart of Etosha.

Day 1&2: Windhoek's Warm Welcome

Your journey begins in Windhoek, the vibrant capital. Rest your head at the Elegant Guesthouse, where old-world charm meets modern comfort. Seeking opulence? The Weinberg Windhoek is your oasis. Get ready to soak in Windhoek's blend of colonial heritage and contemporary energy.

Day 2&3: Serene Sesriem

As the sun rises, your route takes you to Sesriem, a gateway to the surreal Sossusvlei dunes. Find your sanctuary at Desert Quiver Camp for standard or indulge in luxury at Dead Valley Lodge. Unearth the magic of Sesriem's towering dunes and the captivating Deadvlei clay pan.

Days 4-6: Seaside Swakopmund

Days 4-6 usher in coastal wonders in Swakopmund. This coastal gem offers a mix of adventure and relaxation. For standard travellers, the Luxury Suites Swakopmund welcomes you with open arms, while luxury enthusiasts find their haven at the Strand Hotel – ocean views and the public beach at your doorstep.

Days 6-8: Mystical Twyfelfontein

Venture to the ancient rock engravings of Twyfelfontein. Standard accommodations at Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp invite you to embrace the rugged beauty. Your luxury Namibia Safari takes a different path at Camp Kipwe, a hidden treasure merging perfectly with the stunning surroundings.

Days 8&9: Etosha's Southern Charms

Heading north, Etosha South awaits. This region teems with wildlife and adventure. Settle into Taleni Etosha Village for standard comfort or elevate your stay at Etosha Oberland Lodge. Prepare for encounters with the wild inhabitants of Etosha's southern plains.

Days 9-11: Exploring Etosha East

As your journey nears its end, Etosha East unveils its grandeur. Standard accommodations at Emanya@Etosha Lodge ensure cozy nights amidst nature's splendours. Meanwhile, luxury finds its address at Mushara Outpost, promising unforgettable moments in the heart of the wilderness.

Day 11: Bidding Farewell

As your 11-day voyage comes to an end, take a minute to reflect on the memories you've made. Namibia's many landscapes have embraced you, from bustling towns to calm deserts. With Etosha's wild echoes still echoing in your ears, it's time to say goodbye, bringing the beauty of this experience with you.