Day 1: Welcome to Windhoek

Prepare for a fantastic 11-day trek into the heart and spirit of Namibia! Let's begin in Windhoek, Namibia's vibrant capital. Consider sleeping at the Elegant Guesthouse, a lovely combination of old-world luxury and modern convenience. If you like a bit of luxury, The Weinberg Windhoek is the place to be. Feel the unique combination of history and modernity that defines Windhoek.

Day 2&3: Bizarre Sesriem

Your path goes to Sesriem, your portal to the mysterious Sossusvlei dunes, while the sun colours the sky. Consider staying at Desert Quiver Camp for ordinary travellers or indulging yourself to the grandeur of Dead Valley Lodge. The magic of towering dunes and the intriguing Deadvlei clay pan may be found here.

Days 4-6: Swakopmund's Coastal Magic

The next days will be loaded with seaside beauties in Swakopmund. Consider the thrill of adventure combined with the serenity of rest. The Swakopmund Luxury Suites welcomes typical explorers, whilst the Strand Hotel, with its ocean views and seaside calm, is a luxury lover's dream.

Days 6-8: The enigmatic Twyfelfontein

Your adventure continues at Twyfelfontein, where ancient rock carvings tell ancient stories. Consider immersing yourself in the rocky nature of Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp, where conventional accommodations provide a cosy sanctuary. Choose the luxury way, which will take you to Camp Kipwe, a hidden gem that blends flawlessly with nature's beauty.

Days 8&9: Etosha's Southern Charms

As you go north, you will come across the beauty of Etosha South, a sanctuary for animals and adventure lovers. For regular travellers, imagine feeling perfectly at home in the cosiness of Taleni Etosha Village. For an additional dose of splendour, upgrade to Etosha Oberland Lodge and be ready for amazing encounters with the wild.

Days 9-11: Discovering Etosha East

Etosha East unveils its splendour as the trek progresses. For typical explorers, imagine cosy evenings amidst nature's splendour at Emanya@Etosha Lodge. And for those looking for luxury in the centre of the forest, Mushara Outpost provides unforgettable moments.

Day 11: Looking Back on the Adventure

As your 11-day adventure ends, take a minute to reflect on all the great experiences you've had. Namibia's many landscapes have embraced you, from vibrant towns to calm deserts. With echoes of Etosha's animals still ringing in your ears, it's time to bid farewell, bringing the spirit of this wonderful voyage with you.