Day 1: Windhoek's Urban Appeal

The journey begins in Windhoek, Namibia's vibrant capital. Standard and luxury travellers will feel at ease in hotels that combine modern convenience with classic charm. The Elegant Guesthouse conveys a warm welcome, and The Weinberg Windhoek provides a tranquil sanctuary of luxury.

Day 2-4: Desert Treasures of Sesriem

The trail goes to Sesriem, the gateway to the stunning Sossusvlei dunes, with the sunrise as your guide. Standard and luxury travellers will each have unique experiences. Standard seekers will find peace at Desert Quiver Camp, while luxury aficionados will be enchanted by Dead Valley Lodge's otherworldly allure.

Days 4-6: Swakopmund Coastal Exploration

Days 4-6 illustrate the allure of Swakopmund's seaside splendour, a location where action and relaxation coexist. Standard travellers will find refuge at the Swakopmund Luxury Suites , while luxury connoisseurs will appreciate the Strand Hotel's Ocean views and calming coastal environment.

Days 6-8: Discover the Mystical Twyfelfontein

Twyfelfontein's old rock carvings and wild terrain entice visitors. While the allure stays constant, the story takes on new complexities. Camp Kipwe, situated harmoniously amid Namibia's awe-inspiring scenery, is a gem for both ordinary and luxury excursions.

Day 9&10: Etosha South

The beauty of Etosha South, a sanctuary for animals and adventure lovers. For regular travellers, imagine feeling perfectly at home in the cosiness of Taleni Etosha Village. For an additional dose of splendour, upgrade to Etosha Oberland Lodge and be ready for amazing encounters with the wild

Day 11: Etosha East Immersion

The unspoiled nature of Etosha East begs for more investigation. The accommodations remain consistent (Standard - Emanya @Etosha Game Lodge & Luxury - Mushara Outpost), providing a sense of comfort and familiarity. Immerse yourself in the area's pristine splendour, savouring its calm majesty.

Day 11-13: Divundu's Charms Revealed

Visit Divundu, where the Okavango Delta's magic comes to life. Standard visitors take comfort in the calm sanctuary, appreciating the serene ambiance of this enthralling place. Divava Okavango Resort and Spa, on the other hand, caters to those seeking luxury.

Days 13-15: Nature's Symphony in Chobe

Standard travellers will find refuge at Chobe Safari Lodge in Kasane, where the untamed Chobe River naturally sets the scene. Meanwhile, premium travellers visit Chobe Game Lodge on the riverbank, where they may immerse themselves in the raw splendour of this magnificent habitat.

Day 16: The Magnificent Victoria Falls

Your guided safari journey comes to an end at Zimbabwe's magnificent Victoria Falls. Batonka Guest Lodge provides tranquillity among the calm nature for regular travellers. The Victoria Falls Hotel is the peak of luxury, with splendour set against the symphony of the falls.
As the 16-day adventure comes to an end, memories of Namibia, Chobe, and Victoria Falls stay imprinted inside - a testament to the amazing grandeur and untamed marvels witnessed on this extraordinary journey.