Prepare for the best African self-drive safari - a 16-day adventure that captures the spirit of Namibia's unique landscapes and cultures. Let us go on this intriguing tour, from Windhoek's metropolitan vitality to the pristine beauty of interior Namibia.

Day 1&2: Windhoek's Urban Welcome

Your tour begins in Windhoek, Namibia's capital. The Elegant Guesthouse, a combination of modern luxury and old-world charm, is ideal for standard travellers. Looking for opulence? The Weinberg Windhoek is an oasis of luxury and tranquillity.

Day 2-3: Kalahari's Rustic Elegance

The Kalahari Desert awaits, where nature's persistence flourishes. For standard and luxury alike, Kalahari Anib Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia is your refuge. Or opt for luxury at Intu Afrika Game Reserve's Zebra Kalahari Lodge and Spa, where rustic elegance meets relaxation.

Day 3-4: Fish River Canyon's Majesty

Journey to the awe-inspiring Fish River Canyon, a geological marvel with a history as rich as its vistas. Standard and luxury guests alike find comfort at the iconic Canyon Roadhouse Gondwana Collection Namibia.

Day 4-6: Luderitz's Coastal Charms

Experience Alte Villa's charm in Luderitz, where history meets the coast. This hotel provides comfort and sea views for both ordinary and premium guests. The seaside beauty of Luderitz will steal your heart as you discover its rich past.

Day 6&7: The Enchanting Plains of Namib

Your road leads to Namib Kronenhof Lodge, which is set among breathtaking rocky plains. This refuge surrounds you with its tranquil beauty, encouraging you to relax and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Day 7-9: Sesriem's Ethereal Beauty

As the dawn rises, Sesriem beckons. The standard accommodation at Desert Quiver Camp guarantee comfort in the middle of the desert's enchantment. Dead Valley Lodge, where ethereal beauty surrounds you, is a haven for luxury travellers.

Days 9-11: Swakopmund's Seaside Charm

The seaside allure of Swakopmund beckons, with days of adventure and leisure. The High-End Swakopmund Luxury Suites welcomes standard visitors, while luxury seekers will discover heaven at the Strand Hotel, complete with ocean vistas and seaside solitude.

Days 11-13: Enchanting Twyfelfontein

Venture to Twyfelfontein's ancient rock engravings. Standard comfort at Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp awaits, while Camp Kipwe offers luxury, a hidden gem nestled in nature's embrace.

Day 13-14: Etosha's Southern Serenity

Heading north, Etosha South unfolds its natural wonders. Both standard (Taleni Etosha Village) and luxury (Etosha Oberland Lodge) guests find solace in familiar accommodations, as you explore the wonders of Etosha's southern realm.

Day 14-16: Exploring Etosha's Eastern Beauty

The journey continues to Etosha East, where nature's grandeur shines. Comfort at Emanya@Etosha Lodge is the standard path, while Mushara Outpost welcomes luxury travellers. On day 16, the standard option explores central Namibia's splendour, encompassing the bustling Windhoek, seaside gems of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, and the untouched beauty of the Erongo Mountains and Spitzkoppe. Unveil Namibia's soul through this captivating self-drive expedition.